What’s Under the Rankin Bridge

Back in “real time”.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the chance to dig in the archives- but Monday night I was driving by the Rankin Bridge from Swissvale and saw the setting sun on the side of the bridge. Shone like a yellow bridge (it’s actually blue) with the late golden light on it but just an ordinary shot, straight on. It did not “speak” to me.  Drove another 50 feet.  Stopped at the red light ahead. Saw this view. It seemed to go on forever, the repeat of the braces.   Rolled down the window and was able to capture the underbelly of the “Steel cantilever spandrel-braced deck arch “.  You can’t tell from this angle that the Monongahela River is seventy five feet below.  Or that the bridge is  2,427 feet long!  I got that good info from here.  

There are a lot of bridges in Pittsburgh.  Don’t see underneath them too often, though. You might remember this view from the Rankin Bridge of a barge being pushed by a tug.

If you suffer from gephyrophobia it would be difficult to live in Pittsburgh.

And a new Keep or Pitch post  is up today after unannounced  hiatus = Back to School adjustment recovery period-

10 thoughts on “What’s Under the Rankin Bridge

  1. Looks like an erector set my brother used to play with. Did you know that Pittsburgh has the second most bridges in the world after Venice? That is a true fact.

  2. I like that you included the car window in the photo. It frames the subject very nicely. I’m such a nervous perfectionist that I would have tried to edit out the car window and wasted a lot of time.

  3. Here in the Ohio River Valley, we have only 3 bridges and they are all falling down, need paint and especially the roads connecting I-65 through Louisville and the I-64 Bridge are the newest and the worst. The one I feel the safest on is The Second Street Bridge – it was built in 1921 and is the best built. The fight for the past 30 years in this area has been how many more studies can we do to suck the life out of bridge studies. Most people here on both sides of the river think that they will never see a new bridge.

  4. Ruth, I drive over this bridge all the time, going to and from work. I have always wanted to take pictures of the sun rising in the spring and the reflections on the water. It is so pretty!! Thanks for this!

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