Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

A flash in the dark.  I try to use available light most times and avoid flash.   Uncle Matty in from Zagreb with an armful of two nephews and a niece. Jack, Anna and Michael.  Maura Clare looking on from the front porch steps at La and James’ home.

I chose this one for the weekly photo challenge because I thought the faces expressed the most emotion, even if the light of the flash wasn’t the best light on them.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

  1. Ruth – I think you are correct that the light of the flash wasn’t the best light on them. However I also think it’s an excellent photo. As you wrote, their faces express a lot of emotion. And Maura Clare’s expression is priceless. Also, I like the way the flash lit up part of the front porch and swing, and I like the twilight in the sky. Overall, my two cents worth is that this is an excellent photo.

  2. Matt must like Croatia, but he also mut love to visit PA /OH!!!! Uncles can be very special … I felt the same enthusiasm seen here, whenever I saw my Uncle, for his entire 104 years!!!

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