Giant Spider in the Neighbors’ Garden

We were talking outside as I had just photographed an item (stay tuned) in my neighbors’ driveway  and as I was heading home. We were still chatting and  I started to photograph a little grasshopper sitting on top of one of their daisies (might be a different species but similar in appearance).

The conversation went like this-

J said- Look at the spider-

R- what spider?

J-the big spider-

R-where is it?

J-the big black and yellow spider—– right there under the flower

R I don’t see it.

R———- OH MY- I see it now –that spider is ENORMOUS-   

Steve I might need a new glasses prescription.  How did I miss this giant spider? It is considered harmless to humans according to the information on this type of spider but I would not want it crawling on me. Click here for more info on the

Argiope aurantia   commonly known as the  Black and Yellow Garden Spider-  

13 thoughts on “Giant Spider in the Neighbors’ Garden

  1. We always called them zipper spiders – because it looks like a big zipper going thru their webs. We welcome them every year in our garden.

  2. ALL spiders are BAD spiders!! Jonathan said there were spiders the size of his palm in Afghanistan!

  3. Love those spiders!I have many many pix of spiders I took with my camera-preying mantises and snakes.too.This is a GREAT photo.

  4. Makes me remember “Charlotte!!” Love the photo – going to see if I can find some in my garden – love seeing a part of the web!

  5. Yikes – it looks scary! But your image looks wonderful – like IT could be the illustration in the book about spiders. 🙂

    • Stef, thanks for your thoughtful comments on the blog. There should be a prize as you are the TOP commenter on the blog when I go to the site stats.
      Still trying to get a reply that is indented but perhaps it is the theme I have or something.

      • Aw, you’re very kind. I like to support people who do great work, and add positive energies to the blogosphere. 🙂

        As for your reply comment – it is indented, but the indentation is VERY slight. It’s a function of this theme (that’s just how this one works). So you’re doing everything ‘right’ – this is just how this theme makes the replies look. 🙂

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