Giant Spider in the Neighbors’ Garden

We were talking outside as I had just photographed an item (stay tuned) in my neighbors’ driveway  and as I was heading home. We were still chatting and  I started to photograph a little grasshopper sitting on top of one of their daisies (might be a different species but similar in appearance).

The conversation went like this-

J said- Look at the spider-

R- what spider?

J-the big spider-

R-where is it?

J-the big black and yellow spider—– right there under the flower

R I don’t see it.

R———- OH MY- I see it now –that spider is ENORMOUS-   

Steve I might need a new glasses prescription.  How did I miss this giant spider? It is considered harmless to humans according to the information on this type of spider but I would not want it crawling on me. Click here for more info on the

Argiope aurantia   commonly known as the  Black and Yellow Garden Spider-  

13 thoughts on “Giant Spider in the Neighbors’ Garden

  1. We always called them zipper spiders – because it looks like a big zipper going thru their webs. We welcome them every year in our garden.


  2. Love those spiders!I have many many pix of spiders I took with my camera-preying mantises and snakes.too.This is a GREAT photo.


  3. Makes me remember “Charlotte!!” Love the photo – going to see if I can find some in my garden – love seeing a part of the web!


    • Stef, thanks for your thoughtful comments on the blog. There should be a prize as you are the TOP commenter on the blog when I go to the site stats.
      Still trying to get a reply that is indented but perhaps it is the theme I have or something.


      • Aw, you’re very kind. I like to support people who do great work, and add positive energies to the blogosphere. 🙂

        As for your reply comment – it is indented, but the indentation is VERY slight. It’s a function of this theme (that’s just how this one works). So you’re doing everything ‘right’ – this is just how this theme makes the replies look. 🙂


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