She Calls Me MIL Sometimes, I’ve Called Her DIL

In Virginia, holding Anna who will be 8 in a week.

Married to my eldest Mark, excellent mother to Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura, taking a break from being a NICU nurse while she drives the kids to swim practice and soccer and preschool and Brownies… (And best giver of treats and hugs to Murphy the Airedale.) Today’s her birthday.  She always calls me and updates me on the family happenings, asks for a recipe I made that she liked, threatens to buy me giant gnomes for my garden and an XXL sweatshirt with a cat AND an American Flag (for my 4th of July bday) combo on the front.  She is patient, loving and generous. Incredibly accepting, too!   She is good at Thank You notes  And just last week she hosted a wonderful shower for her sister-in-law & will be Laura’s Matron-of-Honor next month.  I was going to post a pic of the little ceramic Jack-o-Lantern she made in grade school(I keep it in the china cabinet) She was throwing it out years ago and I salvaged it from the trash heap but a clay pumpkin doesn’t illustrate her goodness and loveliness. Oh yes, I almost forgot. She gets me to stop wearing my shrunken cotton long sleeve tees that seem more like crop tops- Fashion consultant with much love! She’s the one who got me started shooting weddings and is still waiting for her percentage.   HBTY!  love, Ruthie

16 thoughts on “She Calls Me MIL Sometimes, I’ve Called Her DIL

  1. Happy Birthday Erika Ruthie has given us all such a precious gift of our glimpse into your lives. I have watched Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura grow and feel as if I know them (Murphy hasn’t changed that much) I count the days until I see all of you at Laura’s wedding. You and Mark have built a beautiful life together for your family -it doesn’t feel that long ago that we all celebrated your wedding day.

  2. She is the best. It warms my heart to see what a lovely person she is. My only sad thought is that my mother never got to see what a beautiful wonderful mother, daughter and wife she has become. My mom would of been so proud just like I am. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to my wonderful SIL! And what a perfect picture, it radiates so much love and joy! (and an apt description of her as well- I agree with every word 🙂 )


  4. Happy Birthday from the Wolfe’s. I’ve borrowed Shuey’s computer as mine is ailing. Connie

  5. Happy Birthday Erika Payer McGrath! You are a beautiful woman, wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law ETC!!!
    I second all of the above comments;Ruth’s words are especially touching! You have the “aloha spirit” for sure, but not just ’cause you and Mark met in Hawaii!!!! Much love for YOUR DAY!!

  6. She sounds like an AMAZING woman. I imagine she fits right in to all of the other loveliness in your family. 🙂

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