When Your Neon’s Ailing or You Need a Sign

“Who ya gonna call?”  The Neon Doctor.  They repair and buy old signs, too, or create a custom sign for you!

Stopped at a red light on a gloomy afternoon, I saw this place and shot it before the light turned green

9 thoughts on “When Your Neon’s Ailing or You Need a Sign

  1. I love the idea of a neon sign walking into this place…

    Cashier: “What happened?”
    Sign: “Well, I got in a little scuffle with a gang of hail…”
    Cashier: “Oh no! Unfortunately, we’ve had quite a few signs come in after having been attacked by that gang… We’ve alerted the police, but there isn’t much they seem to be able to do…”
    Sign: “That’s too bad. So, anyway, about this gash I have on my ‘N’…”
    Cashier: “Of course. The doctor will see you soon.”

  2. Okay Stef, that was really creative. Laura hallarious as always. Ruth only you would spot this store, but then again it’s neon… easy to spot.

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