Find the Bicyclist’s Headlight – North Shore Riverwalk

Riverwalk at Riverfront Park, North Shore, Allegheny River

Along the Allegheny River, across from downtown.  Riverfront Park.  I was on a field trip with a photography class I signed up for through Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild.  Next week we’re going to a greenhouse to photograph orchids.  The other class members are people I have taken classes with before so that is fun!  Wednesday night was Light Up the Night Walk for Lymphoma and Leukemia.  One walker said they raised $700,000 dollars if I heard him correctly. The walkers had red balloons with flashing lights inside which I tired to photograph but didn’t really work out.  I’ve shot this skyline angle before. But then the moment happens and the bicyclist drives by into the frame and because the shutter was open for 30 seconds you can see the trail of light.  I think it adds interest to the scene.  There were lots of people readying the area for the Tom Cruise movie they are shooting, putting tape down on the cement walk to mark the actor’s places.  Turning an office building into a hotel. There were benches and additions to the walk- a kiosk and a rental shed.

14 thoughts on “Find the Bicyclist’s Headlight – North Shore Riverwalk

  1. Love the trail of the bicyclist’s light – but no sign of cyclist – that’s amazing! And I love the purple-ish lights on the bridge and their reflection in the water.

  2. There is a lot of light in this image – which is interesting, considering it’s nighttime and all. Very cool.

  3. Yes! Great photo!! And this morning on the former WDUQ [now WESA??} there was a very interesting local segment on Biking here! Lots of challenges, but apparently the biking community feels progress / understanding / acceptance?? is slowly growing between the 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers! Looks like biking at Riverfront Park would be just fun!!!

  4. As always, a beautiful photo, Ruth. I must say, though, I hope you heard correctly and that they did, in fact, collect $700,000.00. That would be simply wonderful!

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