Places to Get Food-#4 in a Series-Alexandria, PA

Route 22- Alexandria PA-  the info I found on yelp says it is like a time travel experience, going back about 25-30 years when you enter!  I pulled over to the side of the road and photographed it but then wondered if I should be procuring food in this series and write a review?

9 thoughts on “Places to Get Food-#4 in a Series-Alexandria, PA

  1. I definitely think you should go inside each one! At least have a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea, if not also a slice of pie, biscuit, or a full meal…

  2. Ruth, Jesse and I have yet to ever eat here….but I will let you know how it goes if we do…maybe breakfast some time…I could always go for some good pancakes 🙂

  3. I’m visiting family in Michigan and pass a few of these diners along the way. They never cease to bring a smile to my face, as does this photo. It’s good to see I’m not alone, judging by the comments.

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