Pittsburgh- Zombie Capital of the World

Thanks to George A. Romero and his classic Night of the Living Dead(1968).  Would you believe I missed the recent Zombie Fest in Downtown Pittsburgh the first week of October?  That is what Zaq told me as I asked him about his shirt he was sporting on the South Side.  I had just been to the Post Office and was headed for a slice of pizza at Blue Grotto and I stopped on the sidewalk and asked if I could photograph him in his shirt for the blog.  Sure!  I asked him where he got the Pittsburgh Zombie Capital of the World T-shirt and he said, ” The Monroeville Mall!”  That is where they used to hold the Zombie Fest.  I regret that I missed the Zombie Prom I was invited to a few years ago.  I know I could have gotten some great shots.  But here is Zaq (with a Q) on Carson Street and he said I could blog his shirt, with him in it.  Thank you Zaq!  And thanks to your friend who was with you.  I should have taken him with you.

I see the most interesting people and scenes on Carson Street in the South Side.

6 thoughts on “Pittsburgh- Zombie Capital of the World

  1. Every city has there claim to fame. I’ve heard of Zombiefest but never experienced it.

  2. I didn’t know there was a Zombiefest, let alone that Pittsburgh had been crowned the Zombie world capital. I need to get out more.

  3. Well, that’s interesting – here’s the headline in the “Living” section of our paper today. Apparently they meet on a monthly basis. Those who join the ZRS, they say, have a greater chance of survival.

    Local chapter of the Zombie Research Society (ZRS) meets to learn survival skills and self-defense strategies that would be of value even if the zombies never come.

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