People at Work- Marie is a Horticulturist

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild photo class went on a field trip to the Bidwell Training Center greenhouse where there are orchid “crops”. I learned how to use custom white balance in some strange light(thanks Jill) and  I asked our guide how she came to be doing the work she is doing.  She used to work in hazardous waste.  Her undergrad was something to do the with environment (sorry Marie, I didn’t write it down) and she always loved the forest and growing things.  She was inspired by a Ziggy comic panel which she still has of Ziggy on his knees in awe of a flower blooming.  (didn’t write down the punchline either but Marie, if you read this post Friday please comment and remind me)   Getting a Master’s Degree and being a horticulturist became the next step when work in hazardous waste started to disappear.  She knows a lot about orchids and was patient as our class tried to get beautiful shots of the elegant flowers in a different full spectrum light.  And thank you Marie for the informative tour and consenting to be part of the People at Work series.   Marie is an example of finding your passion and doing that work!

Marie told me that photographers place her between the rolling flower holders so I did the same.

8 thoughts on “People at Work- Marie is a Horticulturist

  1. She seems very happy to be out of hazardous waste. Flowers are so much prettier as you show in this picture.

  2. Once a year, I make a pilgrimage to an orchid ranch in the far burbs. It’s such a nice way to spend a day. I cannot imagine what it would be like to work among them every day. Judging by the way she’s beaming, I’d say it must be pretty nice.

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