Tom Cruise Movie, ONE SHOT, Lights Up 10th Street Bridge Wednesday Night

The movie is causing a buzz and some traffic around the Burgh.  One Shot is the name of the film after a novel by Lee Child.   On the way to my photo class I saw the lights set up on the bridge and a few giant movie lights on top of some buildings.  Heard on the radio Armstrong Tunnels would be closed.  Remembered my photo for the weekly challenge of fall, with the 10th St Bridge in the autumn light and thought I would go my usual school route.  Here is the series of bridge shots taken on the way home from class Wednesday night. A circuitous route but worth the detour in my opinion.

I could hear and see a car race and screech across the bridge as I photographed.  Next time I will bring a spotter to keep watch as I pulled the car over but it is dark and a bit creepy up on the top of Arlington Avenue, my route home from school. I have shot from this angle before and here is the link to the daytime photo.

Photo four has a bright movie light on the right of the photo.

35 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Movie, ONE SHOT, Lights Up 10th Street Bridge Wednesday Night

    • aww thanks for looking and taking time to write a nice comment today. I enjoy night photography challenges. Used a 70-200 lens but no tripod. Oooops! Thanks again. So glad we have met via our blogs.

  1. WOW! I should have followed you after class. We were learning about Henri Cartier-Bresson, the famous photojournalists, and all I need to do is study your photos. They say he elevated “snap shooting” to the level of a refined and disciplined art. His sharp-shooter’s ability to catch “the decisive moment,” his precise eye for design, his self-effacing methods of work, and his literate comments about the theory and practice of photography made him a legendary figure among contemporary photojournalists. Love your daily post!

    • Meeting you in our class has been a highlight for me. I didn’t have a plan to go and shoot the bridge lit up, but then it called to me. I am so glad I went.
      Thanks for your generous comments Francine. I enjoyed your animal book.

  2. Have the book . . . and all the rest of Lee Childs’ works. Great pics and I look forward to seeing the movie and watching for the “bridge” scene!


  3. Fabulous photos! The Tenth Street Bridge never looked so good. The next time I cross it, I will think of these pictures.

  4. I should have guessed you were running off to shoot the bridge last night. 🙂 The photos are GREAT! Thanks for showing me things that I would have otherwise missed. And thanks for the creative energy you bring to our class.

    • I plan to go see the movie and check it out, see how Pittsburgh looks…it is supposed to take place in Indiana in the film, though.

  5. Excellent pics Ruth. I picked up your Blog from Otto’s blog and I’m glad I did. I have always loved night time photography and well remember in the film days of waiting for the colour prints/Trannies to come back from the lab to see how I faired with the experiments.

    I loved all your pics and the reflections. Thanks for sharing.


    • ThAnks for your nice comments. I enjoy the challenge of night photography and this without cable remote or tripod was a challenge.

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