Big Dog Coffee Shop Reflected in Their Nuova Simonelli Machine

It is a stunning and shining beauty of an Espresso machine, the Nuova Simonelli. And as I stood waiting for my coffee, I noticed the reflection of the chairs and wall. I read that they are getting ready to put up some new art so I caught it on a plain green wall day.

I love that Big Dog Coffee Shop opens at 6 AM. They make authentic conversation with you and never seemed annoyed or put out like a coffee shop I used to go to every morning(and the other place doesn’t open ’til 7AM) .  I feel welcomed, appreciated. It’s friendly but not fake.  And their coffee is delicious, too.  They are on the flats of the South Side and I teach on the slopes.  Just right.

Once our book club met in the back room.  It’s a welcoming space.  Pretty soon they will start using the fireplace, too.  I like the oatmeal bar for a splurge some days.  Big Dog Coffee is more than just the jolt of morning caffeine.  It is a joyful start to the day!

14 thoughts on “Big Dog Coffee Shop Reflected in Their Nuova Simonelli Machine

  1. You and that eye of yours, Ruth. I wonder how many others have walked by that machine without so much as giving it a glance. You, on the other hand, see art and produce this remarkable photo. Finding a good neighborhood coffeeshop has always been a “must do” when I’ve moved to a new home. You certainly have found one.

  2. Pretty photo.. a series of reflection photos would be interesting, eh? I (and a few friends) have realized recently that we are somewhat “off” a certain coffee company… my new fav is Waves (in Canada only I think?). What book is your club reading these days?

  3. Back from The Netherlands, where the coffee is great! Lots of cozy coffee shops there – just don’t go into the wrong ones! Every cup of coffee or tea comes with a complimentary cookie or candy. I like that!

  4. Your picture is wonderful – an image that not everyone would notice, but one that, once they did, they would appreciate. 🙂

    Friendly but not fake is wonderful, too. I loved reading how this place makes you joyful!

    • Thanks Stef. The next day they out up some big pieces (art?) on the plain green wall. I felt lucky it wasn’t there the day before!

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