Guest Blogger Photographs the Bride

Donald Payer (Mark’s father-in-law) was using his new camera and did a great job capturing Laura as a bride before the wedding. Thanks Donald. He also was the chef for Saturday’s breakfast at Mark and Erika’s home (assisted by Aunt Linda, Aunt Georgeann,Marlene and Uncle Frank) It was a wonderful weekend celebration.

17 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Photographs the Bride

    • Thanks marti. It was hard to not have my camera in hand for this wedding Thank you for you good words

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  1. And a beautiful bride she was! It was a rousing good time and great seeing old friends. It was odd NOT seeing Ruth w/ a camera poised for action.

  2. A weekend filled with love and friendship, every detail perfect. Laura and James happiness always

  3. Ruth, I so enjoyed meeting you today and thank you so much for your kind words. Your pictures are fantastic and you certainly have a beautiful bride and handsome groom; Laura looks more than fabulous. Thank you for sharing. Have a safe trip home and give my best wishes to Laura and James. Hugs, Dottie

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