NYC Signage Captured by my Sister

One of my favorite things is to receive a photo from someone.  They saw it and thought of me and the blog or just saw it and thought it was something I would like to see too.   Mary sent me this one and when I asked she said I could use it she said okay.

Just yesterday Rufus was writing about the last of the neighbor’s fresh tomatoes.   He was concocting the great looking shrimp tacos. He mentioned being told about a mystery ingredient for their growing so well and his neighbor has horses. Hmmmmm.  My sister sent this sign two days before. Seemed like a good link to a similar topic.  Horse #@%*!  In Pittsburgh there are signs about dog owners being responsible for picking up after their dogs and if not a $300 fine will be charged. I have never seen a ticket issued and I live across the street from the park.

But this is not about dogs and their irresponsible after they do their business. This is about the sign my sister found in New York City and photographed and sent to me.  It is about wondering the size of bag/container one would need to do such a task.  And wondering where they put the matter once it is cleaned up.  And what the price of a fine might be in New York City if someone did not comply.

15 thoughts on “NYC Signage Captured by my Sister

  1. Very funny sign! Made me laugh. Hmmmmm. I guess the mounted police need a little reminder as well.

  2. I wonder if the cops who ride around and into Occupy Wall Street get such reminders (not to mention, pay attention to them!) lve lois

  3. Love it!
    Actually i have seen one of the mounted police in the City cleaning up after her horse once. And the British Transport Police who I meet regularly exercising their sniffer dogs are meticulous.

  4. Seems to me there aren’t too many Amish or cowboys riding about in NYC. 😉 [And shouldn’t the police comply with the laws 100% of the time? Setting a good example and all…] 🙂

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