Hat Cleaning

When was the last time you took a hat to be cleaned?  Another shot from downtown Roanoke.

My son Mark spotted this signage across the street from the Weiner Stand.  Unfortunately there were cars parked in front of the establishment so couldn’t get the whole storefront.  Just made me wonder when the neon sign for Hat Cleaning was installed.  Thanks Mark for pointing this one out for the blog post.  I guess I could have included it in yesterday’s Downtown Roanoke slideshow but I think it can stand alone.

My father wore a hat.  Mark has one of his grandfather’s hats his home office.

I think men in hats look distinguished.  My cousin Jim likes hats.  He liked the post of Meyer the Hatter in NOLA.

Maybe the sign is for women’s hats to be cleaned as well.  I shouldn’t assume it’s for men’s hats.

7 thoughts on “Hat Cleaning

  1. Love the signage, right down to the clock. I wonder, though, how they manage to clean hats? I have a form, of sorts, that I use to clean baseball caps but, I soon learned, that you’re better off just getting a new cap.

  2. I think it was my friend Colleen’s elderly aunt who used to say, “when in doubt, wear a hat.” I wish more women would wear hats, but you have to be confident to wear one, because it attracts a lot of attention!

  3. I don’t know of a single man who has ever worn a hat. (Not my dad, nor my grandfathers, nor my great-grandfathers…) The only time I have seen a man in a hat is 1) from a 1950s magazine ad, or 2) on an episode of Mad Men. I do like the attire of the 1950s; very classy and distinguished, indeed (to borrow your term). 🙂

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