Kindergartener’s Night Snowmen Painting Transformed into Note Cards

By her thoughtful mom. (who granted permission for me to post the art cards)

This amazing set of handmade notecards is tied together by a thin thread.  Unexpected gift.

Kai’s mom took her artwork and scanned it and reduced the size and then created these beautiful cards.   It says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Hawaiian cause that is where she is from.  We are fortunate to receive her volunteer help at school- she posted a bulletin board full of student artwork in the vestibule so parents and children are welcomed with colorful art!

Perhaps you  read the book Snowmen at Night written by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner, That book in our library was the inspiration for the painting.

Lovely to receive such a thoughtful and handmade gift.

16 thoughts on “Kindergartener’s Night Snowmen Painting Transformed into Note Cards

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than a handmade gift from a child. The gift of giving is part of the reason for the season. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Such a great gift! I’d buy these cards in a heartbeat. I’d rather see my money go to help sustain a school’s art program than to Hallmark.

  3. Ruth, You are such a wonderful teacher to those kids and I think we should all be so lucky to have an art program still in a public school system. Kai loved the snowman project and the fact that your art connects the children personally to the books they are reading (even at the age of 5) is such a great gift and the children love sharing.
    We have made similar note cards for different fund-raising charities in the past, using different art images, and they have been a big hit (and the kids get all the credit!). Very easy to do at home and such a lovely gift the children can be a part of and give proudly to their friends and family.

  4. Such a very special gift for you! I just might have to try making myself note cards from some grandchildren art. You are very special to this mom and daughter, you can see by the gift.

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