Monongahela River Like a Mirror

I drive across bridges at least twice a day.  I go to work on the arch green bridge(Birmingham Bridge) and sometimes come home on the yellow bridge(South 10th Street) but this day I crossed the Liberty Bridge.

Pittsburgh: The city of bridges.  The change in light, water movement or in this case stillness, is ever changing.


The South Tenth Street is the one that was lit up for the filming of the Tom Cruise movie.

12 thoughts on “Monongahela River Like a Mirror

  1. For so mighty a river, it sure does look peaceful. Cruise was on Letterman last night and spoke quite highly of Pittsburgh. 🙂

  2. Great shot! I think you could do a show your photos of the bridges and rivers of Pittsburgh.

  3. So peaceful, and warm, for the last day of Fall ….. Winter Solstice 12:30 AM tonight — does that make tonight the longest night? …. or Thursday the shortest day? 🙂

  4. Bridges are so important – they connect one neighborhood to another and one person to another.

  5. I like seeing the two different bridges in this picture; it’s an effective “compare-and-contrast” representation. Cool.

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