Shot Through the Bus Windshield

You saw Thursday’s post of the passenger photo from the school bus ride to the Carnegie Museum of Art when it was snowing.  Here’s another one.  We were coming back from the Teenie Harris exhibit headed back to school.  This photo has a cool story and link.

My friend R came over in the snow for a bowl of minestrone soup, Friday night.   She told me about this cool house on the South Side, featured in the New York TImes.  “A cantilevered house over a glass factory”, she said.   I said, “I drive by that house EVERYDAY on the way to school. I watched it being built!”  I’ve photographed the trains going by, the weather. I have pulled over there many times and photographed the scene.

On Wednesday I photographed a piece of this unique house through the school bus windshield. You can see a glimpse of their Emerald Art Glass Factory, the school bus yard  on the left and the train trestle where I’ve photographed trains in a blur. Up on the slopes is formerly St. Josaphat’s church that’s now closed. If you want to see the house as it should be seen then you will have to go and watch the NYTimes slideshow.

Here is the link  and the NYTimes amazing photos in a slideshow of this really cool house in detail.  You just see a snippet of the house in my photo in the upper left.  After you see the pristine and fantastic photographs at the New York Times you might wonder why I posted my iPhone photo of the same scene?

Southside Flats and Slopes


13 thoughts on “Shot Through the Bus Windshield

  1. I think I would be afraid to live in a house suspended like this one. I think I wil go out one day to see it, then maybe it wouldn’t look so fearful to me. Glad we don’t have frequent earthquakes. Thanks for scouting out these amazing discoveries in a city that has so much to offer.


  2. Could you just maybe, clear the windshield away on the left side . . . a wee little bit more? 🙂

    Wonderful photo capturing another slice of “steel town” in Winter. Brrrrrr. Also a good lead in to the NY Times article – fascinating story; thanks for the link to bring the photo alive!


  3. I have not been to the NYT yet, but I wonder if they show the “surrounding area” as you do in this photo???? I think there are 2 stories here!!!! 🙂

  4. Just yesterday, coming home with a friend during a snowstorm, our view wasn’t much better. In fact, I pulled over to give the defroster a chance to catch up. Even then, I can guarantee there wasn’t anything like your glass house within view. That’s truly one of a kind!

  5. I wonder if the trains ever make the house shake. My stomach took a little flip when I first looked at it just hanging out there.

  6. That is quite the house! I’m not sure I’d feel completely comfortable living there… (I think I’d always be a little bit afraid that the place was going to tip. Irrational, I know – but honest.)

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