Someone Left a Fake Fur in the Snow

White snow on white fur. Too bright, the reflected light.  But what looks like just a pile of snow is some white fake fur puddled on the sidewalk as I got out of the car to go into school Monday morning.

Close up of the white fur with snow on top.


13 thoughts on “Someone Left a Fake Fur in the Snow

  1. Funny, strange, unusual..what’s the story do you think? Who was she? What happened that she ended up leaving her coat outside on an obviously cold night?

    I went out for a spot of wildlife photography a while ago and stopped in the Wye Valley in Wales near the ancient ruin of Tintern Abbey and there on the floor in a small wooded lay-by was a black with red lace edged padded bra!! Who? What? Why? Don’t know, I took a pic of it just in case something cropped up in the news about a missing person or whatever. It seems it was just some youngsters who had an enjoyable night out at a ‘lovers spot’. But I think it can be intriguing when one find’s an item of clothing like this, it always stops me and makes me think…..What’s the story here?

  2. I don’t know. Maybe they got overheated walking up what looks like a lot of steps and dropped the coat before going inside. I wonder why the blue dust pan is there for.


  3. How does the story end? Did the owner ever come back for their coat? Did someone pick up the coat and take it to ‘lost and found’? Or, did the white fake fur get so dirty that it had to be thrown away in the trash? Very intriguing! 😉

  4. That IS a purse [I think!] … I thought it was a brick!!! Definitely material for a story and you have already supplied the photos!!! A bit creepy!

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