Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department No. 3 Fundraiser & Steel City Shows

Comedy night fundraiser(there ‘s another show Saturday March 24th  8PM) –  No. 3 Fire Hall, Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department.

I was invited by Matt of Steel City Shows.(the man behind the soundboard, in a suit and tie)

It was a fun evening.

After the comedy show ended,  Firefighter Vinnie gave me a tour of the trucks, Jaws of Life, and the uniforms hanging ready.

Comedians Mike Wysocki  and Joey O’Connell are listed on the site but there were two others who warmed up the crowd, Sean Collier and Mike Travers.

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15 thoughts on “Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department No. 3 Fundraiser & Steel City Shows

    • Once I read you should go where you are invited, unless you have a temperature of 103. Sometimes the “not going” seems desirable, but I have found it is usually well worth the effort to get up, out and go.

  1. You do so many fun and varied things, always finding something to photograph. Great shots!

  2. What a great idea for a fundraiser. Firemen, volunteer or not, are heros. Thanks for sharing.

  3. There’s a comedian named Mike Wysocki? My husband, J Wysocki, says that he doesn’t know a Mike Wysocki. But, you never know… maybe they’re related. Great photos Ruth!

  4. I love the two pics of the gear all lined up and hanging on the pegs. Symmetry and repetition are both very soothing to me – as is the idea of individuals dedicated to helping others.

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