Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

About number six on the list of definitions of the word through   – Having finished; at completion

Went to  Farm to Table Conference  (courtesy of Erin Hart, Thank You! and stay tuned for a post tomorrow highlighting the conference)

I ventured out onto the balcony to shoot the bridges, helicopters landing at Allegheny Hospital and the Allegheny River.  At the end of the balcony I found this receptacle filled with items – looked like the people were THROUGH – as in finished- the people who left their cigarettes and soft drinks and beer bottles were definitely THROUGH and they were probably not from the Raw Milk and Organic Fruits and Vegetables crowd.

Not a soul was out there lighting up. But everything seemed in a perfect place in the circle of the trash, an interesting composition.


You know how I enjoy the idea of a garbageologist as a second career.  My mother always said, you can tell a lot about people by their garbage.

And when I turned to go back into the Convention Center, I looked through the window and saw these boys and two male figures, looking out through the windows to see  the Allegheny River.

The Railroad Bridge, plate glass windows, the Allegheny River and reflection. People staring through the windows.

And here are fellow bloggers responses to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Another WPC participant this week is Cardboard Me/ Flat Ruthie is stepping Through a Tart Pan, Sprightly 

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. farm to table conference sounds interesting … we are working on a new local distribution system so we short circuit the big supermarket pantechnicons that cart our food all over the country … local food for us if possible!

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  4. Interesting Picture and take on the word through. My first thought was going through something. We all think so differently.

  5. Well, Flat Ruthie’s Through was a unique interpretation. Here we have a different view, based on an altogether unexpected definition. And I got a kick out of both!

    • Good to change it up. Don’t want to give cause for a “ho-hum”. Believe me when I tell you I have loads of photos “through” windshields, ancient archways and a multitude of windows ad nauseum. (and some of them very nice, but…) Thanks for taking time to not only look at the photos but to leave astute and creative comments. They are tremendously satisfying to read.

  6. A really interesting interpretation of the theme, which I did not consider at all. Thank you for highlighting it. I love the neat place for the cigarette butts within the rubbish! Highly amusing to me.
    The lines of the glass/windows in the second photo is great. I like that composition.
    Thank you for the pingback to my blog. I appreciate it.

  7. I loved your Through shots! Really stunning and creative! 🙂 Thanks for the kind pingback too~ 😀

    • Thanks for looking at the blog today and for taking time to write so many positive and thoughtful comments on the photos! Wow.

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  8. Wait a min. the comments are not…. (wait for it)…. through yet. LOL, I couldn’t resist. As always Ruth love your photos and seeing the world through your eyes : )

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