Woman Waiting for the Man and Dog Behind- But Read the Green and White Sign

I was sitting at the red light. Saw the gorgeous tree blossoms.  Quick shot through the windshield. No time to capture what happened next. The man and dog appear from behind the barrier and return to the woman who was waiting for them.

And when I got home, looked on the computer screen, and read the words on the green sign. Oh my.  Just my kind of shot. Inadvertent, but still……

11 thoughts on “Woman Waiting for the Man and Dog Behind- But Read the Green and White Sign

  1. Whether or not they pruned that tree, the guy who placed that sign is a marketing genius!

    What kind of brick is that on the background wall? It’s as odd as the tree is beautiful. This shot may have been “inadvertent”, Ruth, but it was good nonetheless.

  2. I’m so glad you got a good shot of that tree while it is in full bloom! I’ve been driving by that tree for a week and a half, always pausing to be amazed at the beauty, but I never have time to stop the car and I’ve never hit the red light there. Also your photo is much better than mine would have been. Bravo and thanks! -kate

  3. That’s a beautiful tree! Spring is flying by pretty fast here in KC. If I don’t capture the things that are blooming today, the blooms might be gone tomorrow. Love your “inadvertent” shot Ruth. Great capture!

Hope writing a comment today is not a major hassle.....I appreciate hearing from you when you have a minute.