Alexis and Jarrett Tie the Knot and Jump the Broom

A happy wedding celebration.  Alexis and Jarrett exchanged vows and rings in a beautiful ceremony, witnessed by family and friends. They were declared husband and wife………..

then they jumped the broom  (the bride’s mother had decorated it in the wedding colors)

Alexis and Jarrett granted me permission to post photos from their Saturday March 31st wedding.

Wishing them every happiness!

(You might remember the Christmas party of Pastor Garland (his mother) when I photographed their church dinner. They’re in that picture too!)

16 thoughts on “Alexis and Jarrett Tie the Knot and Jump the Broom

  1. More power to them! What a grand couple and with a true spirit. I say L’Chaim! Lois

  2. Yay! So happy for my cousins. Praying that God blesses every part of their lives together and that they continue to walk in His purpose for their lives.

  3. Beautiful pictures Ruth E – I love that the bride and groom are both wearing white.

    • There is a link to African American traditions (blue) right on the post Let me know if you can’t see or get to it

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  4. The ceremony was beautiful, Alexis and Jarrett, you both were beautiful, the decorations were beautiful, I pray your marriage will be blessed and highly favored!!!!!!!

  5. congratulations Jarret & Alexis! Your wedding was beautiful, I wish you all the love. Love you both.

  6. Beautiful couple, may their union be wonderfully blessed! Re: jumping the broom – I had no idea it was an African tradition! Perhaps West African? It is not done here in South Africa or in Zambia where I was born. I do know of it in Gypsy lore. Very interesting

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