Someone Left Their TV in the Rain

Glad I shot it when I did, as it was gone the next day.

The other day a friend said to me that one of the things about the blog that she enjoyed is that you never know what the topic or theme will be for the day.  It’s true, I like to change it up.  Seems to come in waves sometimes. Lately I have been documenting some discards again after being off the noticing of them for awhile.  I think it was the comments about the televisions people had that could complement the outdoor seating of the couch I posted a couple of days ago. Couches and televisions are frequently curbside.



10 thoughts on “Someone Left Their TV in the Rain

  1. What a lovely post again Ruth! I am sure someone heard about it and thought the couch need a TV. LOL!
    Great shot! 🙂

  2. Greg’s right. I expect this is going to be a more common sight around here. As of Jan 1, the city no longer accepts TVs in the trash pick-up. People abandon them somewhere rather than find a recycling center.

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