What People Do While Driving

The list of activities is long

Eating, talking on the phone, putting on makeup, shaving with an electric razor, texting, singing, listening to music, drinking coffee.  How about this one?

But I have never seen an electric toothbrush at work in this location!

No kidding. And this shot spotted by granddaughter Anna from the back of the van on our way to her Buckeyes swim practice.


11 thoughts on “What People Do While Driving

  1. Rick used to see someone eating a bowl of cereal while driving to work every morning. I wonder which hand they were using to drive?

  2. In the UK, if you are caught using a Mobile phone (without a hands free) its and instant fine of £30 and a possible endorsement (points against you) on your license. I think the Police also have the authority to issue the same ticket if they the think the driver is driving without due care and attention, so drinking, eating etc. Many drivers still don’t realise that a motor vehicle can easily become a weapon of mass destruction.

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