Sunday- Pittsburgh Pirates Win 11-5 PlusTaralli and Fireworks at Saint Rocco Festival

Sunday afternoon my friend Steve and I drove downtown to look for the Toynbee tiles. 

He’d seen a documentary about them but that ‘s another whole post for tomorrow.  I want to read more about them and view the documentary myself before I write about seeing them.  We found three. Stay tuned……

We decided to check out the baseball game and considered getting a last minute ticket.  (Note how full the stands are these days!)

Here is the view of PNC Park from the Roberto Clemente Bridge above the Allegheny River.

Later in the evening we met some neighbors at the Saint Rocco Festival in Morningside at St. Rafael. There was singing and dancing the Tarantella.  We ate a meatball sandwich and looked at the beautiful handmade cookies in the baskets.  I asked the name of the cookies and the woman said Taralli.  I went to my favorite authentic Italian recipe blogger, Chicago John and searched for a recipe for these particular cookies and didn’t find one but I am hopeful he’ll have one.  Here’s a recipe I was able to find for now.

The evening ended in fireworks and lots of smoke.

Some of you may have seem my post of the Festival last year when there was a full moon.  Just clouds this year.

If you want to read about Saint Rocco’s story it’s here

8 thoughts on “Sunday- Pittsburgh Pirates Win 11-5 PlusTaralli and Fireworks at Saint Rocco Festival

  1. Sorry, Ruth. These cookies aren;t a part of our tradition. I think they come from the south of Italy. I have seen Mario Batali make them. As I recall, he made the dough and boiled them like you would a bagel. I certainly would have remembered Mom preparing those. I will ask my Zia, though, and see if she knows of them. WIth our temps returning to normal, the weather is now perfect for a ball game and street festivals. We had both this weekend, too. Looks like you, too, had a great time. 🙂

  2. Ruth,Our family lived in Morningside for many years and the St. Rocco’s festival was always part of our August festivities. So enjoyed each of your photos. The Clemente Bridge walk and PNC look fabulous. Could likely sell it! Call me.

  3. I remember the fest from last year. I think it is just wonderful that you seek out the traditions of the Pittsburgh area. I never knew about this fest until last year when you introduced me to it. Thanks.

  4. It’s funny – I remember you blogging about this festival last year; I’m shocked that I’ve known you for more than a year already! Wild. (And cool.) 🙂

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