Trapped in the Bride’s Garden at the Conservatory

The sisters-in-law take a photo class and Saturday morning was the field trip to Franklin Park Conservatory. They invited me to go along.  They went out to the Bride’s Garden and the doors locked behind them.  I was photographing the Fairy Gardens and the model railroad  and they were looking for me.  Laura called me on the cell and I went and opened the door. I saw this view as I approached the doors.

I was focusing on photographing the two of them instead of the butterflies and the flowers and this added to my series.




Everyone shoots this one- Chihuly’s Glass.


Sisters-in-law shoot the fountain.  They have to create a slideshow with ten images to show to the class.


Bubbles from the fountain.



View from the Gift Shop windows.

15 thoughts on “Trapped in the Bride’s Garden at the Conservatory

  1. That glas is beautiful and it must be spectacular to see it in person. Once again, your eye sees a shot that most would walk by: the Glass House and Dome through the window. Beautiful.

  2. Glass shot and bubbles- prints please : ) Great shots Ruth, and what a great influence you and your camera have had on your family.

  3. Wonderful photos. I love the colorful glass and the bubbles from the fountain the best. Wonderful eye for detail. Thanks for sharing.


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