Little Green Apples

It’s an iPhone photo story and the bowl of peelings didn’t come out.   This was last Thursday.

Recipe for a summer afternoon.

Generous neighbors with an apple tree laden with fruit- a couple of boxes waiting  to be filled. (We filled one.)

A friend to help pick, peel, core and slice.

The crust was butter, flour and salt, a few tablespoons of ice water- mixed up in the food processor, rolled out.

Four open face pie/tarts and one quart of applesauce that looks almost green to me.

We took one of the pies down to the owners of the apple tree and were they ever surprised.   I brought one out to Ohio for the family. Along with the applesauce.

Small apples, tart and sweet, firm flesh and delicious.  A sprinkle of lemon, dots of butter and light on the cinnamon.   A bit raggedy looking but tasty.











15 thoughts on “Little Green Apples

  1. Little green apples make the best pies — with or without rain in Indianapolis in the Summertime. It was very kind of you to share your pie with the apple tree owners. I’m sure they enjoyed the pie. Last weekend the first of the season’s apples made their appearance at the farmers markets here. Apple pie & sauce season will be here before long. Yay!

  2. Tis the season! Good apple pie and fresh apple sauce. I love both. Lots of hard work in peeling and coring the apples.

  3. Just about to have a late dinner ….. and thanks for the Apple Pie for dessert!!! “virtual” apple pie —- helps the calorie count!!! 🙂 🙂 XXXXX

  4. Those are some GREEN apples – my mind immediately thought, “Ew, too tart.” However, seeing those beautiful pies made me reconsider… 😉

    • A little ice cream on a slice would be just right. Tart and sweet combined makes a good combination. They weren’t as tart as they look!

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