Shammy and Sean at the Corn Festival

Last Saturday I went to the Carrick Corn Festival at Phillips Park, across the street from the high school where I’d just started my new position (digital photography teacher)  the day before. Our principal had invited us to attend and get to know the community plus it was a chance to see the Marching Band perform and shoot some photos of the event. There were Irish Step Dancers and Bhutanese Dancers and I’ve quite a few views of the corn being shucked and boiled, dripping in butter but this is the photo of the day.

At one of the booths, this man was writing people’s names and telling their meaning.  I asked if I could photograph his dog (Shammy) who was by his side with a bowl of water on the grass.  Sean told me that I should have seen her at the St. Patrick’s Day parade and he shared some snaps of her in her outfit.   Here he’s picked her up for another pose.  Even though I was short on cash, this generous gentleman wrote the meaning of my name Ruth (a friend to all)  on the back of a prayer card, using a calligraphy pen in neat writing.

Not just any prayer card but the patron saint of photographers.

He’d asked me if I knew who the patron saint of photographers was and I ‘d no idea.

He told me the story of St. Veronica and her capturing the image of Jesus’ face in the cloth she offered to him.

Receiving this unexpected gift felt like a special blessing at the start of of the new school year. Thank you Sean.

11 thoughts on “Shammy and Sean at the Corn Festival

  1. Sometimes its not about the picture you take (that Shammy is a real cutie pie) but rather about the story you tell. You are a friend to all. Have a great year.

  2. Love the photos and the story. He got the meaning of your name and you JUST RIGHT friend! Hope you have a wonderful year.

  3. What a wonderful blessing to the start off a new year, in a new school and new assignment. It will all work out for your good, Ruth. You have so much to offer your students about photography. I have had the pleasure to have learned so much from you and your photography.


  4. You meet some of the most interesting people, Ruth. Well, and dogs, too. You’re appropriately named, that’s for sure and I’d not thought nor heard anything about St. Veronica in ages. Sister Mary Charlotte would not be pleased.

  5. Your name truly fits its meaning! I got chills when he said the patron saint of photographers was St. Veronica. How wonderful to be watched over by such a wonderful saint!
    Good luck in the new job too. Did you ever find any use for my nephews photo equipment?

  6. I never thought of St. Veronica as the patron saint of Photographers but it does make sense. I know you will remember this forever. Have a good year and enjoy the new position. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of new things in travels this year. Love ya,

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