Popping Bubble Wrap

Lots of people enjoy the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap. Even the virtual kind.  On one listing for a computer game  it’s called the ultimate time waster.  There are apps with popping bubble wrap games. Some people find it a stress reliever and like hearing the pop.  Lately I have been receiving packages with a different kind of plastic with air trapped inside and they aren’t nearly as fun, just half heartedly filled with air and don’t make a good POP! More of a fizzle.

You don’t have to explain the rules to this activity. Here’s Maura on Aunt Linda’s back porch, concentrating on the task.  A detailed post of various methods of popping bubble wrap has been published over at 1000 Awesome Things( #840) so check it out here. There’s a photo of someone jumping on a big sheet of it! And there are various size bubbles.

Maura was popping the bubbles one at a time and it was fascinating to watch her take her time.  It seems a skill that’s a natural one.  Pick it up. Squeeze. Pop!





and Jack has found another use for bubble wrap

14 thoughts on “Popping Bubble Wrap

  1. Loved this post. It was fun, and I feel less stressed. The pics are great, the play is even better. Have a good day today Ruth.


  2. Maura sees bubble wrap and gets to work, methodically popping each bubble. Jack sees the same thing and uses it to become a Super Hero. Perhaps the rhyme about Little Girls and sugar & spice needs to be updated to include bubble wrap.


  3. I love popping bubble wraps too. When I was a kid, I can sit for hours just popping it. I don’t know what is with this bubble wrap that kids are hooked up with it. Even now I am older, I still love popping them.


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