One Minute It’s Summer- Now the Pool’s Drained


Officially summer on the calendar but nothing like Back-to-School to bring it to a close. Summer vacation has been wonderful. Relaxing and lots of time with the family. Reading a book, flipping through a magazine, lazing about on the hammock, getting things done or not. Fresh sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper. Summer’s grand.

Then school started with meetings and room set up and although it was a short week of actual teaching(2 days), the back to school feeling is in earnest and a new cycle has begun

A bit hot and muggy tonight from the rain, I can’t hear the cicadas but the change of season is impending.  The earlier sunsets. Something about the feel of the air.   Today we saw swarms of students shopping for wastebaskets and bedding, eating ice cream as they crossed the street.  The city has a different feel since they’ve returned to campuses.

I converted both images to black and white to unify them for the thought of swimming in summer and then a different pool, just drained for the season.  You get ideas. Some work. Some don’t.

Swimming at Aunt Linda’s neighbor’s pool-




St. Basils on Brownsville Road in the background.  Phillips Park Pool in Carrick.  Shot at the Corn Festival.

8 thoughts on “One Minute It’s Summer- Now the Pool’s Drained

  1. I was always sad when summer ended, for just the reasons you described. Now the signs don’t matter as much. That’s what retirement does.

  2. Drained pools. A sure sign that summer is over. This was a good summer but, like all of its predecessors, far too short. Aunt Linda’s neighbor has a beautiful pool. Maura looks like she sure enjoyed it.

  3. I think that’s one of the things I miss at fall.. the setting up of a classroom and the excitement of meeting my students for the first time. There’s a definite shift in the air isn’t there.. our nights are quite cold, definitely hot tub weather, not pool weather. Looks like you have lots of memories made to last through the winter! xx

  4. drain the pool ….. pumpkins …… turkey / stuffing ……”figgy pudding” / eggnog / carols …. 🙂 🙂

  5. I know what you mean about the feeling of impending changes hanging in the air. I’m noticing the shorter days already…

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