Potato Patch Satisfies Urge for Salt and Fat

Photographed at Kennywood Park in West Mifflin PA when the family was here this summer.

A nice couple let me photograph their fries. (with cheese)

The condiments still-life was from a different concession- The colors are what caught my eye.

And my son pointed out the pile of Idaho potatoes, catching the late day light.

The family was waiting to ride the Turtle.











the close-up crop of above photo   Here is the salt and fat.







Spin around and upside down.


8 thoughts on “Potato Patch Satisfies Urge for Salt and Fat

  1. Oh, YUM! There is a diner a few blocks from here, one of the few that remain. It started serving food back in the 50s. Their cheesy fries have kept me coming back since I first discovered them in ’98. Thanks for the reminder, Ruth. I haven’t been there since Spring and I’m in need of some cheesy fries. And the one thing I do not need is a ride on that upside-down thingee. Yikes!

  2. Ok, so I tried to comment on your post about finding that autographed book in the library but I couldn’t find it for some reason – I just have to say, how cool that you found that! What a special find! I LOVE when stuff like that happens!

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