Once a FotoMat, Now a Place to Eat?

Murrysville PA. Hot Dog Hut. When I was working on my little project of places to eat, I saw this spot which was closed. I am not sure why I abandoned that project.

You get ideas. Some stick. Others don’t.
It wasn’t that long ago people had rolls of film developed.
People couldn’t wait to open the envelope and see.
Now the pictures sit in the computer, not too many of them printed out.
Hoping the hard drive doesn’t crash.

Shot this a year ago in Murraysville PA

14 thoughts on “Once a FotoMat, Now a Place to Eat?

  1. My mom refuses to use a digital camera… Loves the surprises she finds in the envelope… Now picked up at Walgreens:) After my dad passed away my mom was thrilled to find that the film still had some pictures of her husband for her to enjoy:)

  2. I love Lynda’s post. This week I found an old album that had the informal snapshots of the kids I taught from ’79 – ’81 in Sligo. I turned the pictures over and was dismayed to see I never wrote their names on the backs of those pictures!

  3. I agree that too many photos are “stored” on the hard drive. I am reminded by Mary all the time when she asks, “How come I don’t see any pictures any more?” It is a shame the next generation won’t have the pleasure of sitting in front of box and go through old pictures bringing back so many memories of the “good old days”.

  4. We think there’s one on McKnight Rd/Rte 19 that’s been converted to a Starbuck’s (a ‘branch’ of a regular sized Starbuck’s in the shopping center further back from the highway).

  5. This is fabulous! And how true about the photos. I have tons in my computer but I share them more than I ever did when I used to get ONE copy! (Remember specifically buying DOUBLES so you could give ONE of them away?) Now I shoot via cell at 8MP and share with my whole family in moments.

  6. I’m not sure I ever went to a Photo Hut ….. now the world comes to me via your blog!!!! THANK YOU!

  7. Maybe it’s not so much the place but the lettering. PHoto huts: gone. PHone booths: gone. If I were named PHil, I’d be worried.

  8. I love that this post gives “permission” to not pursue every idea, to let it go if it turns out to not fit or feel right. I have a hard time stopping something I’ve started.

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