In Ladder Tower #3- Just Married in Somerset, Pennsylvania


The first day of fall was a beautiful wedding day for Prudence and Jordan in Somerset PA.

Sunshine then intermittent showers but then some wonderful sunlight breaking through the clouds, too.  Overcast skies make for no squinting during outdoor picture taking!

The sun and light matched the gorgeous bouquets of sunflowers.

Jordan is a Volunteer Firefighter and a Somerset Police Officer and his colleagues provided escort service for the couple to the reception, honking the horn as they made the short trip to the Somerset Country Club from West Church Street.  It was a wild ride.  Prudence was a lovely bride.

They were a great couple to photograph as was the rest of the bridal party and they graciously  permitted me to post a few wedding photos from Saturday afternoon on the blog today.

I got to sit up front in Ladder Tower #3 and filmed a short video to share with grandsons Michael and Jack when I visit.  I had crawled into a firetruck once at an open house in Ohio but never got the thrill of riding in a giant Ladder Tower truck. It was exciting, fun and memorable.  All the best to Prudence and Jordan!











17 thoughts on “In Ladder Tower #3- Just Married in Somerset, Pennsylvania

  1. Wonderful photos Ruth. My favorite is the one with Jordan and Prudence against the sky. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous shots! Jordan and Prudence are going to be very happy when they get their wedding photos.

  3. Beautiful!! Love seeing Prudence all grown up remembering her from grade school and just as lovely……..

  4. Volunteer Fireman AND Police Officer? The Groom embodies service to the community. May the happy couple be blessed with a long and happy life together.

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