Early Morning Fill-Up

Gas dependent and running on E is no way to start the day en route to school.  So I pulled into the Shell station on Baum Boulevard and watched the tank fill up at 3.95 a gallon- feeling  a bit glum about the state of things…yup, I should have gotten the much needed gas the afternoon before the early  morning rush.

but then I looked up and saw  the UTZ snack truck  making a delivery to the little convenient  store inside and there was a light on inside the truck. The morning sky, the snack truck, the invitation to play the lottery and skip work altogether?  The scene cheered me.

Shot it with the old iPhone 4, although I am seriously thinking I need that version 5, if for nothing else the improved camera!!



8 thoughts on “Early Morning Fill-Up

  1. The high gas prices are a killer. Getting snakes can ease the pain. Thinking about getting new iPhone as well.


  2. Always nice to get cheered up first thing in the morning. I don’t feel very cheerful when I fill up here. Our gas prices are horrendous. 🙁 We pay the equivalent of $5.50 per gallon.

  3. Beautiful sky + tasty snacks + cheap entertainment = a terrific start to a day! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed whatever followed.

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