There’s a plaque on the face of the engine house with the 9/11 fallen heroes faces and names
“Dedicated to those who fell and to those who carry on. May we never forget.”

Originally posted April 2011

Still Standing”. The Seagrave Truck made in Clintonville, Wisconsin has an amazing story on the Ten House website. On the side of the building is the Bronze 9/11 Memorial Wall. The garage door was open part way.

You see the new One World Trade Center rising high out of the construction site.

There must be a hundred cranes.

Mary said someone from Hawaii must have been there-

a dozen leis dangling from the tripod that held a wreath.

Lots of people from all over the world,  taking photos.

It started to rain.

“Dedicated to those who fell and to those who carry on. May we never forget.”
Bronze 9/11 Memorial Wall

Added Sept 10, 2023“…Joseph Petrovics be engaged as sculptor, and, after some hesitation owing to the enormity of the task of bringing together all of the disparate views as to how to best immortalize the heroes of that day, he agreed to take on the task. Petrovics modeled in plasticine the model designed by Joseph A. Oddi, a delineator, who sketched his preliminary vision drawing upon recollections of firefighters meeting in Chief Meyers’s office. Full-scale models were made in plasticene. Negative models were made from the clay and used to make positive casts. They in turn were pressed into a mixture called “French sand” which created a mold in which the bronze could be cast at the Bidi-Makky Art Foundry in Brooklyn. The 7,000-pound bronze was moved in three parts to Manhattan on May 19.

La Esquina, New York City

CORNER   Ben H. at WordPress created the weekly photo challenge

La Esquina, New York City  114 Kenmare Street,  Soho – seemed a perfect response.

I was standing catty-corner(ed), watching traffic whiz by, taking a few photographs when I was visiting my sister.corner4 762corner3 761cornercorner2 760

I’m not in NYC today- from the archives.

In Ladder Tower #3- Just Married in Somerset, Pennsylvania


The first day of fall was a beautiful wedding day for Prudence and Jordan in Somerset PA.

Sunshine then intermittent showers but then some wonderful sunlight breaking through the clouds, too.  Overcast skies make for no squinting during outdoor picture taking!

The sun and light matched the gorgeous bouquets of sunflowers.

Jordan is a Volunteer Firefighter and a Somerset Police Officer and his colleagues provided escort service for the couple to the reception, honking the horn as they made the short trip to the Somerset Country Club from West Church Street.  It was a wild ride.  Prudence was a lovely bride.

They were a great couple to photograph as was the rest of the bridal party and they graciously  permitted me to post a few wedding photos from Saturday afternoon on the blog today.

I got to sit up front in Ladder Tower #3 and filmed a short video to share with grandsons Michael and Jack when I visit.  I had crawled into a firetruck once at an open house in Ohio but never got the thrill of riding in a giant Ladder Tower truck. It was exciting, fun and memorable.  All the best to Prudence and Jordan!











Firefighter on the 62 Street Bridge- People at Work Series

It was mid July. The sun was dropping and I was on my way home. I stopped to photograph the huge American flag in the middle of Etna.

Etna #149

The light, the breeze, the undulating shadows. I pulled over to the side of the road and took quite a few shots. And then as I started back home, I was the first person on the scene of an accident on the 62 Street Bridge. I could hear sirens and a tow truck arrived, a Paramedic truck and the Etna Firetruck all made their way by me to the scene as I sat. I photographed the back of the firetruck through my windshield as I sat and sat. I missed being in the wreck cause I was photographing that flag blowing in the breeze. Watching the light. This Etna firefighter helped the line of traffic turn around on the bridge and find another route home. Before I did the K-turn, I asked him if I could photograph him and I think he said yes! Ahhh the men who save us. Thank you. He’s said, “It’s going to be awhile before anyone gets out of here.”

and one of the flag shots from the middle of Etna that saved me from being in the accident!.