Reading About Hurricane Recovery

This is the skyline of Hoboken, shot across the Hudson River when I visited my sister in April.  I heard a story on the radio about Hoboken residents and the Hurricane  Sandy clean up efforts.  So many people still suffering.

Although my  sister has power back in lower Manhattan as of today, unfortunately there are areas that are just devastated and still without power.

Almost a week later, remembering those affected by this massive storm.

7 thoughts on “Reading About Hurricane Recovery

  1. The calm before the storm. Happy to hear that Mary has electricity back! Sad for all those dealing with tremendous loss!!

  2. Glad that your Sister’s power has returned. That’s a big part of getting things back to normal for most people. If only the rest of the clean-up would be so easy.

  3. Great photo, Ruth. My son used to live in Hoboken. I’m glad your sister has her power restored. He is in New Jersey, and is still without power. 🙁

  4. This picture is at once beautiful and somber (I think it’s the various shades of blue). It’s so easy to move on to the next issue at hand, and forget about all of the people who will live with recovery efforts for months and years, if not lifetimes. Thanks for helping us all continue to remember.

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