Alien Under Toadstool, Fairy Godmother, too

This weekend I watched Maura (almost 4) while her family went to a swim meet with her brothers and sister.  She saw me outside and asked, “Granma, Why are you in the bushes?”    When she came over to see what I was doing, she said she liked the Fairy Godmother. One shot of each on the iPhone and then she and I played.  I’d been sorting toys in the playroom.  Saw the toadstool and went and got the two figurines.

Today’s photos? Just for fun.  The fungus was enormous.  And I had just been reading an article telling of the two cousins Frances and Elsie photographs with the  Cottlingley Fairies.  (1917)

Thanks to Annette who wrote and said that “ the blog is a daily vitamin for the creative soul.”  

16 thoughts on “Alien Under Toadstool, Fairy Godmother, too

  1. A bit otherworldly. I think you blog is a vitamin for any soul (I’m not that creative). I love it.

  2. Dedicated to all the once-upon-a-times we so enjoyed as children and treasure as memories still. Thanks for this one of toadstools and faeries that color our fantasies. love, L

  3. I much preferred the blue Fairy Godmother – she’s less weird and not scary. The toadstool is in a class all its own!

  4. I *love* this! And I fully agree with your friend who commented about this blog being a vitamin for the soul – what a perfect description for this space.

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