The Music of Michael Jackson, Tuesday Night in Town

A friend had an extra ticket to the The Music of Michael Jackson Tribute with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra who put on a stellar musical performance. People were on their feet, clapping and dancing to the familiar music as the star of the show gave it his all.  It was a tribute not an impersonation pointed out the star, James Delisco.  It was a fun night and an unexpected outing on a Tuesday evening. Thanks Barb and Penny.

The Heinz Hall was elegantly decorated for Christmas. Single glittery gloves were passed out and kids 13 and under got a chance to come up onstage for the last number, Thriller, and show their moves.

Photos by iPhone again.

Macy’s windows were filled with holiday displays.  The giant Nativity scene and the Menorah display were by the old USSteel building, now UPMC. Preparations for the holidays are in full swing in downtown Pittsburgh.  

8 thoughts on “The Music of Michael Jackson, Tuesday Night in Town

  1. Sounds like a fantastic evening! I would have loved to have seen the Michael Jackson Tribute. How lucky to have gotten a ticket!

  2. Nice selection of photos. Downtown looks wonderful. Would have loved to see Michael Jackson Tribute as well. I know you had a wonderful time.


  3. Your pictures of downtown reminded me of a family tradition from my childhood. After Thanksgiving dinner my uncle would take my brother and I to see the department store windows downtown. Gimbles, Hornes and Kaufmann’s are no longer there.
    The musical sounded so special.

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