South Side Window Scene

I took this on the way to my car after a football game this fall.

It reminded me of taking city  walks in Philadelphia where my parents lived.

When we headed south on Ninth Street, we’d see ceramic window decorations and many were religious.

It was as if the residents dressed their windows for others to see and enjoy.

Blessings for passersby.  Theadora of  People places and bling blog  from Paris wrote and identified the holy statue as the Infant Jesus of Prague

Maybe I’ll return and see what’s in this window for Christmas time.

8 thoughts on “South Side Window Scene

  1. What a beautiful Infant of Prague. Pretty shot!! I love the reflection of the building. Theadora (I still spot the statues in Baltimore windows.)

  2. There is also a reason for it facing out but I can’t remember. Some one told me that you should keep money under it so it will keep you in money.

  3. When I first saw the little house I live in I knew it was the right one because it had a ceramic something – bird, figure, horse – in EVERY window and most had plastic flowers as well. And the drapes were fiberglass. I thought “house, 1910, housekeeping vintage 1950 and no modernization” and I was right.

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