Suzanne Creates Upcycled Sweater Scarves

Upcycled sweater scarves! 

Talk about transformation.   I never really knew the word UPCYCLED but that’s the term. Makes sense.

These two scarves were created by my friend Suzanne from a couple of tired, holey sweaters in my wardrobe.

Suzanne cuts the sweaters(after she washes them) into pieces and then crochets sock yarn all around with a little or a lot of fancy edging.

I was preparing to mail the green scarf to Laura in Columbus and had my own red scarf in the car on the passenger seat.  They looked so good together I took a few photos (before I mailed the green one.  No E, I wasn’t driving!)

Last Christmas I sent a couple to friends as gifts.  I get a lot of compliments when I am sporting the red one.  I fold mine in half and loop the ends through.  Cozy!

Old cashmere sweaters that no longer fit or have a couple of moth holes are the softest to make into a scarf but lambswool or merino is nice, too.

Unfortunately photographed with the iPhone instead of the proper lens but still pretty and colorful contrast.





Closeup of detail on the green scarf.

Sweater Scarf

And the red scarf detail

red scarf detail

14 thoughts on “Suzanne Creates Upcycled Sweater Scarves

  1. I’ve just received a SHARP crochet hook to review on my blog and would love to use your photos as an example of crochet on fabric because the SHARP hook is designed for exactly that. This hook eliminates the need to do a blanket (or whip) stitch around the item first as a base to crochet into. I’d love to hear from Ruth too. Please visit me at http:// and consider my request.
    An admirer,

  2. I love them and I can think of at least one old cashmere sweater in my closet with a hole in it. Let “s talk.

  3. Would love to discuss having these in my gallery/shop. I have upcycled mittens for sale that are very popular. They may work well together.

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