Downtown Alley



The illumination challenge could have kept me going for the rest of the year.  I shoot a lot of photos in the dark with lights!  When you look at your body of work ( or parts of it) you notice different things and details on different days.

When I was sifting through files, I found this city alley downtown and just liked the perspective, the people, the shapes and lines. Although it was captured in another season, the thermometer went up to 69 degrees ( I saw it lit up on a sign!) and for the second week of January it feels odd.

I think I need to return downtown and shoot some more alley views.

downtown alley

13 thoughts on “Downtown Alley

  1. There are a lot of contrasts in texture, design and shades. I particularly like the stones near the base of the building.

  2. Too much T.V. last night (or I need my eyes checked) — I thought at first glance that your title said Downton Abby! The downtown alley is just as impressive!!! So interesting!

  3. Nice shot, Ruth, and a testament to your “eye.” How many thousands have passed that alley without paying it the slightest notice? Then came you …

  4. Greetings from Australia,
    I love the perspective an composition of this photograph. It’;s absolutely brilliant, especially considering that many alley way photos are not that interesting. This one is excellent. Keep up the great work
    God bless

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