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Meet Chuck Wise.  He says his job has its “ups and downs.”  You can find him on youtube he told me!    Thanks for the tour, Chuck.  I was showing fellow blogger Vastly Curious around the Burgh Wednesday night, all the fine sights (  the city view on Grandview Avenue in Mount Washington)

Brrrr it was windy out on the platform.

Churck Wise (like the potato chip he reminded me so I’d spell his name right) has been operating the incline for about 15 years, just as his Great Grandfather did.

He graciously allowed me to photograph and blog him.. Thanks Chuck.

Chuck Wise in door 003

Opened to Public: May 20, 1877
Cost to Build: $47,000
Length of Track: 794 feet
Elevation: 400 feet
Grade: 30.5 degrees
Speed: 6 miles per hour
Passenger: Capacity 18 per car
Chuck Wise on Controls 002
Incline 007
Incline 004
Incline 006

18 thoughts on “Incline Operator

  1. I always love your views of Pittsburgh. Meeting the guy that runs the incline takes it to another level.

  2. Great PR for the city. I need to put the “Visit the Incline” on my To Do list for the next visit to PA!

  3. Ruthie: That photo of Pgh with the dark sky is the best I have ever seen! No, really! Can we talk about a reproduction? Linda Kauffman

  4. Agree! That is an amazing photo of the city (love the others too, of course). I like Linda’s idea – I’d pay good money for a copy!

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