Getting Ready for Baseball Season in Pittsburgh AND Florida

Everyone has their favorite teams.  Depends where you live, where you were born, where you moved, or who your family roots for, what players you like…..

some fans prefer football but the beginning of baseball means that Spring will be coming.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training is already happening in Bradenton, Florida.

I know cause my friend and frequent commenter, Sue R.  is headed down to watch some games. Has her tickets.   Seriously.  She is one proud Lady Buc!

This post is for her so she knows that the fans at home are getting ready, too.

My favorite part of the photo is that the house number is also the Pittsburgh area code.  412!

Hope you are enjoying the warm weather and that the Pirates are looking good, Sue.  It’s snowing right now.  Nothing major but it is gray and cold and snowy.

You can find Sue at PNC Park when the season starts.  And then it will be SPRING!!!!

Baseball Team Window

5 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Baseball Season in Pittsburgh AND Florida

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome – thanks Ruth E – we are on our way! Hesh gets a shout out as designated driver! LETS GO BUCS

  2. Ah, yes. We’re looking over the schedule, trying to decide which games to buy ahead of time and which others to buy on StubHub. Luckily there’s still time.

  3. I like going to live baseball games (both major and minor league); but must admit I prefer watching football games overall. Still, there is something about sitting outside on a nice summer day, watching a leisurely baseball game…

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