Inspired by Christopher Boffoli Miniature Food Work

When I saw photographer, Christopher Boffoli’s work, I thought that this was something we could do in the digital photo classroom.  He has really perfected the art in this department of miniature food scenes.   And we tried to recreate one of his ideas at school. The miniatures are so appealing.Miniature Food Scene

Only problem is 6 mini HO scale figures run almost 14 bucks at Esther’s Hobby Shop  so that makes it pricey.          They’re fragile too but oh so fun.

The Oreos were on sale at Giant Eagle.  But they don’t last, either.   I took in beans and rice and we had some Cheerios but it just wasn’t feasible for more than 120 students to get satisfactory results.

This is one of my practice shots.  The students liked the little figures.  I had some larger plastic dogs that they photographed, too.

Thanks Mr. Boffoli for the cool inspiration.  It isn’t that easy to do it as successfully as you’ve done.

I’d photographed a model railroad mother hanging out the wash before but not the whole scene with props.

Be sure to check out his picture show at this link cause his creativity and imagination is endless.

19 thoughts on “Inspired by Christopher Boffoli Miniature Food Work

  1. A wonderful exercise of creativity. I think I will try it and join in on your fun. Thanks for the idea and the share.


  2. Really creative. The students in your class are so lucky!!! You’re inspirational. Website great.

  3. I’m fascinated by miniatures. I love dollhouses, dollhouse furniture, miniature railroads, tiny figures, etc., etc, Great post! I’d love to see more of these if you do more in your classroom.

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  5. I use LEGO minifigures now and then to tell my stories. They aren’t cheap either, but my family always gives me one at Christmas, so I have quite a few of them now!

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