Fights Bathtub Ring- Do People Ask to Be Taken Away By It? They Still Sell This Stuff

Wondering what year they packaged in this wrapper? Maybe an updated version is available in the grocery store, I will check. You can buy it online. It was heralded as a stress reliever and solution to a woman feeling overwhelmed by her life. “Calgon, take me away!”Calgon Water Softener

Our custodian, Dan,  found a case of this product and not sure what year the packaging is from.  I meant to look and see if it had a zip code on it as I used to find items in the art room pre 1964 without a zip code.  They still sell this stuff when I went to look it up in a search. I guess I am out of touch.

At first I thought this was just for the washing machine but it says “bathtub ring’ .

Here is one vintage commercial touting a similar product that is sure to offend someone with the retro thinking.

Not sure if anyone is still trying to get taken away with Calgon bath but here is one old TV commercial. There is another that is totally non PC that may come to your min and is on YouTube but I won’t link it.

13 thoughts on “Fights Bathtub Ring- Do People Ask to Be Taken Away By It? They Still Sell This Stuff

  1. I love these old nostalgic adverts – I wonder what that product was doing to the skin since its’ purpose was to clean the bath 🙂

  2. For those of us of a certain age, we cannot hear the name “Calgon” without also hearing “Take me away!” Thanks for the Blast from the Past, Ruth.

  3. I used to love the smell of it — it made me feel clean and soft!! I think Avon tried to mimic it with Skin So Soft but the only thing it does is leave a horrible bathtub ring PLUS you run the possibility of slipping in the tub because it’s TOO oily!!

  4. My birthday is in early February and I received a package containing Calgon body cream and Calgon body mist. Both products products say “Take me away” under the Calgon name.

  5. When I am stressin’ I still say “Calgon, take me away …” So, that’s how memorable it was and that’s a home run in the marketing world!

  6. I remember those commercials! I was a small kid at the time, but the woman’s drama clearly made an impression on me. 🙂 (This post also reminded me of a cleaning commercial I saw a year or two ago that was HILARIOUS! It’s a bit risque, though – so I’ll leave it to you to find it on YouTube if you want to see it. Just search “Method Shiny Suds” – and you have been warned.) 🙂

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