Rectifying a Mayo Stain with Reverse Tie Dye

Laura spilled some mayonnaise on her cotton dress. It left a nasty oily stain. Wash it with some Brown fels naphtha soap first before washing, I advised -she didn’t even leave the soap on – but it took the color out of the fabric. Hmmm so much for my advice.

My solution. Rubber bands and yarn ties all over the dress for a reverse tie dye in a solution of Clorox water. Good thing I’m a retired art teacher

You can see where the color came out along with the oily stain


Do you have anything in your home that is threadbare?

“having the nap worn off so as to lay bare the threads of the warp and woof, as a fabric, garment, etc.” adjective

Linen dish towel with Lupin print from my friend Joanne. Saw it was threadbare when folding laundry

Monday used to be Washday- and a Laundry Soap Recipe- Guest Blog

Thinking about laundry and washday which was traditionally on Mondays-click for history

Do you have a specific day for laundry?

A fellow knitter hailing from Maine responded to my post of Fels-Naptha Soap

Here is Carrie’s recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap with the accompanying photos she sent when I invited her to be the guest blogger.

“Loved your blog, sorry to text so early. Wanted to tell you it cost 2.75 to make a 5 gallon pail. If you used 1 cup per load it would be approximately 80 loads using 8 oz. Cost per load is about 3.5 cents” Carrie. I had the wrong cost of ingredients you don’t use the entire box.

Thanks for being guest blogger, Carrie.

Full recipe below
5 gallon container
Paddle Bit to stir mixture
Here’s a batch of Carrie’s handmade regular soap. She’s been making her own soap for seven years.



2 cups Super Washing Soda

1 cup Borax Detergent Booster

1 Bar Fels Naptha Soap


5 gallon pail with lid

½ to 1 cup measuring cup


Stir Paddle that attaches to electric drill or large sturdy stir item.


Grate 1 bar of Fels Naptha Soap with a cheese grater and place in a saucepan. Cover soap with approximately 3 to 4 inches of water. Heat on stove at a low simmer until soap is melted, stirring constantly with whisk.

Add Borax Detergent Booster and Super Washing Soda to 5 gallon pail. Fill 5 gallon pail to ¾ full with hot tap water. Attach paddle bit to drill and begin mixing the powder and water until combined and powder has dissolved. 

Then slowly add the melted soap mixture to the pail, while stirring with the paddle. Next fill remaining pail with hot tap water, till it reaches 3 inches from top of pail. Continue to mix until smooth.

Mix it several times over the next few hours until it has cooled. This will produce a smooth pail of soap. 

Use ½ to 1 cup per load of laundry. 

** For use in top load washers, for front load washers, please check your manual.

Fels-Naptha Bar-Yes or No?

Manufactured since 1894 the label proclaims. . Fels-Naptha Soap.

The ingredients that can cause cancer have been removed. Good to know

When I saw this Fels-Naptha in the store the other day, my mother came to mind. She’d run a wet bar on soiled shirt collars and cuffs, on hard to remove stains from laundry. Scrub the spot then put in the washer

It works to remove poison ivy oil, too.

Who buys it still? And uses it?

Feels-Naptha soap. Yes or No?

Socks in a Basket

As I folded the pairs, I realized all the hand knit socks I’d made (plus one spring green pair knit my Sabine Bornemann at Die Wollnerin in Berlin) were clean at the same time. It’s the second time I’ve washed all of them since shelter in place started. I read that Sabine’s hand dyed yarn store in Berlin has now reopened, allowing two customers at a time

Lots of places and friends represented by the different yarns from Alaska, Germany, Norway, Arizona, New Zealand, Florida. Can you find the yarn I received for my July 4th birthday? (thanks Joanne). The sock monkey pair? There’s the desert plant dyed yarn and gifts from woolswappers halfway across the globe.

A sense of accomplishment

My new method is the hand wash setting on the machine and hung out to air dry in my bathroom. I used to hand wash them and roll in a towel.

My daughter’s sock drawer she texted me pic a year ago. I see Wonder Woman and Good and Plenty

Wash Separately Even After Six Years

Wash separately even after six years. My six word Saturday post.

These are handknit socks I made at least six years ago and they still turn the water pink every time.



When I was a kid, my mother called a red flannel nightgown that bled in the wash “a sinner”.

Have you ever had a laundry disaster with a color item that ran onto light items?

Oh, Hello Linens Truck

I was parked on Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

My phone in hand.

A truck pulled up to the red light alongside my car -and stopped. I felt a presence. Looked up and out the driver’s window.

Oh, hello there!

Light turned green. The chef appeared. The truck pulled away into the flow of traffic.

Maura’s Knitting Knotted Up the Wash

This post is dedicated to my friend V who recently spent a lot of time last week untangling a seriously tangled skein of yarn… I thought of her the whole time I persisted on the following mess.

My granddaughter Maura’s knitting got into the laundry inadvertently.

Went through the washing machine and knotted up the load.

Erika was going to cut it out but I spent time Saturday morning untangling the knotty mess. What satisfaction to detangle the twists and knots. Plain yarn is easier to untangle than fluffy yarn.




Now where is the other needle?img_2601