Mini-Celebration in the Midst of Sadness

When we gathered in to Aunt Linda’s and Uncle Frank’s to mourn the passing of Aunt Theresa, there was lots of food to share and it kept pouring in from generous neighbors and friends and relatives.

Anna’s other Grandma, Marlene, sister of Aunt Theresa, Aunt Linda and Aunt Georgeann wanted to acknowledge the excitement and accomplishment of Anna(9) qualifying to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke  in the Junior Olympics in Ohio next weekend.  Marlene bought a cake- a 3 pound 12 ounce cake!  (We read the label, didn’t we Aunt Linda?)

Because the occasion was the gathering in and remembering Theresa who had passed, I never took my camera out of the car.

It didn’t seem like a time to take photos.  But of course when the cake came out and Marlene was videoing our singing Happy Junior Olympics to you, I felt compelled to take a photo and slipped out the trusty old iPhone and took one shot.  This is it.   Of course we are so proud of Anna. On the left standing up and smiling is her Mom, Erika. And cousin Shannon, in the red on the right was very gracious.  Lots of love and affection over this past week.


13 thoughts on “Mini-Celebration in the Midst of Sadness

  1. Way to go, Anna! That is such a big accomplishment in your young life. Best wishes in the competition.

  2. From my experience of bereavement there is the one happy experience (glimmer of light) of catching up with friends and family while celebrating the life of the one we have lost. Congratulations to Anna!

  3. It is always welcome to have something positive to celebrate, or at least make note of, during a period of bereavement. It’s an unspoken reminder that Life does and will go on.

  4. Congratulations to Anna! What a wonderful accomplishment! I agree, something happy is always a good thing in the midst of sorrow! And again, our thoughts and prayers are offered to all of you.

  5. I think her Aunt would have been pleased with her accomplishment and would have wanted her to celebrate. Go Anna.

  6. Those who love you are with you in times of joy and of sorrow. Congratulations to Anna. You Go Girl!!!!

  7. Loss is always about sorrow but when we gather to say farwell, we nourish ourselves so that we havethe strength to go on. And the child whose own life is such a gift, leads us into an exciting tomorrow.
    You have an extraordinary family, Ruthe and the joy of it must balance out the sadness. Congrats to your Anna. Love, Lois

  8. That’s life – a time to mourn, and a time to celebrate, sometimes within mere breaths of each other. Congrats to Anna, and condolences to the family.

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