St. Michael in a Sunny Window

The Weekly Challenge is My Neighborhood.  But I am not in my neighborhood today.

The only available photo of my neighborhood is a snow filled park with the benches piled high with snow.  I figure I’ll wait until I get back home.

I saw the sun streaming into the window over the door and the backlit St. Michael the Archangel statue along with the deep blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Patron of soldiers, sailors, paratroopers, fencing, barrel makers, coopers, storms at sea and a whole list of cities and towns around the globe.

Shadow and light on the wall.  Shoot where you are. Wherever you are.  I got the camera out and caught what was there.

(Inspired by fellow blogger Meg Travels post of Framed  who posted a series of “framed” photos taken in Assisi, Italy)

St. Michael Statue in a Sunny Window


10 thoughts on “St. Michael in a Sunny Window

  1. Good catch, Ruth! This is such a great shot. It would be nice to live in a spot where St. Michael can be seen, standing guard, every day.

  2. I thought it was an entry for Thursday’s “Looking through windows” challenge, Ruth, which I think Meg has also done. It would do very well! So many challenges, I get dizzy sometimes.

  3. Those clouds (and sunshine, and bricks) are gorgeous. Shoot where you are, indeed! There’s no better place than right here.

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