Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere- 7:02 AM


We are eager for it to begin.  In earnest.

Monday there was a two hour delay due to ice, snow and sleet. It was unexpected and I heard it on the radio as I was already driving to school.

Can we trust the groundhog?  Phil said it would be an early Spring.  Well Phil,  it’s Spring tomorrow on the clock and calendar but it feels like WINTER today. Chilly and gray.  We are ready for blossoms, muddy earth, warm breezes.   Saturday I saw my first robin in the back on the porch post.

Now I know, no one reads the blog for the weather report but the change of seasons is significant.  We just want to be reassured that a true Spring is coming and will warm us up.  SOON.  (Florida readers- I saw those photographs of you in short sleeved shirts!!)

Before school I stopped in at the Giant Eagle and bought this bouquet.   I took the daffodils to school for the students to photograph.  They were buds in the morning and by the afternoon they had opened.

You can see the set up with the background of folded white paper to eliminate clutter.  When I was ready to go home and the lights were off, this is what I saw.


IMG_5257 IMG_5251





Just received from a Florida friend who is visiting friends in Boston-First Day of Spring.Thanks Kristin
Just received from a Florida friend who is visiting friends in Boston-First Day of Spring.
Thanks Kristin

11 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere- 7:02 AM

  1. I love the light and shadows of your photos. This weather is crazy around here. We went out to dinner tonight and almost froze. Spring tomorrow, I don’t know?


  2. Beautiful daffs, Ruth, and can’t wait to see them in their natural environment. Our high today won’t even reach 25˚. It’s definitely time for Old Man WInter to pack his bags. Enough already!

    • You might like to return to see the photo just sent from Boston! Happy Spring.
      Thanks for stopping by and always writing great comments.

  3. Hard to think Spring here in Boston with “feet” of snow everywhere. Now in Florida it’s been Spring for awhile. The azaleas bloomed weeks ago!

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