Puppeteer, Prometheus, Pizza and Pencils


Somewhere I read that alliteration should be avoided.

A rule somewhere.  For writing or blogging but I can’t find the source with the rule about not using it,  so here is the puppeteer on a break.

The kid on the scooter is looking at the puppeteer as if to ask what time is the next show?  Central Park.

Central Park Puppeteer

Prometheus at Rockefeller Center , Bringing Man the Gift of Fire.


 A slice of Pizza on Bleecker Street and Seventh Avenue

And my friend R alerted me – March 30th is National Pencil Day. The date the patent for the pencil with the eraser on the end was granted in the year 1858.

Thank you Hymen Lipman!

I gathered up what pencils I could find and added the new box of Cedar Pointes I had in my computer bag.  I love to write in pencil on a yellow legal pad.  I’ve never liked mechanical pencils although I know some who swear by them. On March 30th we’re to write with a pencil but that will make blogging a challenge.

Five facts about pencils excerpted from this site

  • A single wooden pencil can write 45,000 words
  • A single wooden pencil or draw a line that is 35 miles long.
  • Pencils can write under water.
    • John Steinbeck was an obsessive pencil user and is said to have used as many as 60 pencils a day. His novel East of Eden took more than 300 pencils to write.
    • Henry David Thoreau penciled Walden Pond. After all, his father was a pencil manufacturer
    • The last time I blogged about pencils was two years ago New Years when Anna sharpened every pencil in the house


7 thoughts on “Puppeteer, Prometheus, Pizza and Pencils

  1. A wonderful set of pictures, Ruth, save that slice of whatever in the photo with the taxi. (Sorry but it’s written that, as a Chicagoan, I must question the authenticity of any pizza slice originating in NYC.) I’d not heard of a National Pencil Day and wonder if there’s music to accompany it. Hmm…
    Wishing you and your family a fantastic Easter!

  2. Hesh had a book about how the pencil came to be. My kids always made fun of him for that. Little did they (or I) know that is a national pencil day. I love the pictures.

  3. Alliteration is wonderful – don’t let anyone tell you different. 🙂 Central Park is always a good place to find unexpected surprises…

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